Tombstone is an exclusive, custom-made product realized by Metea for very demanding customers. It is a special plaque, it may become a photo frame or an art work as well.

It is a small volume, generally a parallelepiped on made of laminated Pespex inside of which a printed document, a silk-screen printing, a picture as well as an artistic object or a precious coin “floats” suspended in the transparent matter.

In the world of finance, it is called financial tombstone and represents a real “eternal” document, demanded and realized as to seal the closing of major financial transactions.

This precious desk object may be entirely planned and designed form the internal graphics to the external shape by ranging from two-dimensional to three-dimensional modeling.


Buyers interested in this product are very heterogeneous and diversified among themselves.

Tombstones are mainly required by investment banks, advisory firms and law offices.

However other consumers, such as communication firms or artists and artisans are attracted by this product and its manufacturing, interested in enhancing their own communicative ideas or their own products through the aesthetic and technical potentialities of the tombstone.

Metea is proud to have in its portfolio some important customers, banks and companies operating in the international high finance.